Our Expertise

Our core business areas are in the design, development and management of :-

These services are good for Aviation, Oil & Gas, Banking, Corporations, Schools, Real Estate, Churches, Individuals and Communities.

PingTel Network Services

Network Services

We design, implement and support Wireless networks for Internet access, Intranet, corporate online operations and Virtual Private networks over the Internet or third party network. ​ ​ Our business spans through network auditing, upgrade and integration. ​ ​ Our specialities include but not limited to outdoor/indoor wireless networks, metropolitan area networks and wide area networks using bridges and routers.

PingTel Bird control services

Bird Control

The Aerolaser Groundflex installed by Ping Telecoms offers airports a solution to control birds hotspots based on an integrated approach between hardware, software and service.

Automatic Weather Observing system

Weather Monitoring

We supply, install and maintain Altimeter Stations, Automated Weather Observing Systems with scaled or complete suite of sensors like.

  • Temperature / Altemeter
  • Wind Speed / Direction.
  • Barometric Pressure.
  • Visibility Sensor.
  • Present weather.
  • Cloud Base
digiwx-usa.com. - Link to Belfort built AWOS sites real time.

Non-Directional Radio Beacon

Navigational Aids

We maintain Navigational aid like Non-directional radio Beacon (NDB), Instrument Landing System (ILS), Distance Measurement Equipment (DME) and Very High Omni Directional Range (VOR).

satellite Communication


Our VSAT services include installation, and maintenance Internet gateways, hubs, remote VSAT sites, Network management, Peak & Pole, site commissioning and Upgrade both for C-Band and KU-Band.

VHF radio


We supply, install and maintain microwave radios, air band VHF radios, HF radios and digital voice loggers or recorders. We supply, install and maintain air traffic control consoles.

PingTel Linux Training


We train engineers and students in wireless networking concepts and technologies and VSAT installation principles and techniques. These are specialized training for those who are ready for field operations and are desirous to take certification examinations.​​ We are consultants for the supply of Information Technology equipment. These items of equipment include but not limited to computers, printers, switches and routers, wireless radios and accessories.​

CCTV installation


We offers security cameras that encompass a vast variety of features that will take care of any security system need. One of the feature these security cameras have is that they are weatherproof which gives them the ability to be used indoors or outdoors.