We supply, install and maintain Altimeter Stations, Automated Weather Observing Systems with scaled or complete suite of sensors

Bird Contol

The Aerolaser Groundflex installed by Ping Telecoms offers airports a solution to control birds hotspots.


We maintain Navigational aid like Non-directional radio Beacon (NDB), Instrument Landing System (ILS), Distance Measurement Equipment (DME) and Very High Omni Directional Range (VOR).


We install and maintain optical flow sensors for oil and gas pipe lines.

Runway Lighting

Runway lighting are used to outline the edges of airport runways.

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Emission Sensor

Electronic device used to know the proportion of oxygen in liquid or gas mixture

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Visibility Sensor

Monitor the light scatter caused by moisture in the atmosphere to report visibility

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Use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors

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An indigenous ICT company incorporated in Nigeria to provide cost effective and customer dependent services without compromising standards.​ We are motivated to help industries and corporations reduce running costs, increase capacity and make good returns on their investment

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Great opportunities

We are always committed to having the best minds in our team. At PINGTEL we ensure our employees develop their careers by through exposure to priceless field projects and experiences.

Our activities

What we do

Our core business areas are in the design, development and management of:

  • Installation and Maintenance of Navigational Aids and Weather monitoring Equipment
  • Supply, Installation and Maintenance of HF/VHF/UHF Radio Communication Equipment
  • Installation and maintenance of Bird Control Equipments.
  • Installation and maintenance Environmental emmision sensors.
Our Mission

To design, develop and manage cost effective projects and concepts with specific focus on customer needs without compromising standards.

Our Vision

To be a globally recognised ICT and Energy Resource Company focused on customer satisfaction. To offer internationally recognized services based on standards and best practice. To pay due attention to service delivery and customer needs. Providing services that meet and exceed customer’s needs with courtesy and care.

We Serve to Meet

Your Communication Need

At PINGTEL we are always committed to offering the best solutions possible for your IT resources and Energy Needs.

At Pingtel, we ensure that our mission critical equipment and services are deployed in the most proffessional manner to meet the needs of our clients.

Ukasoanya Patrick COO, PINGTEL.

By applying best technical practices in maintenance and paying attention even to little details, at Pingtel, we ensure that our clients have serviceable devices at all times

Iroegbu Chidi Technical Manatger, PINGTEL.

At Pingtel we always put safety first in whatever we do. We ensure that all our activities are always carried out in the safest possible manner.

Ojimba Kingsley Safety Manager, PINGTEL.